Do you want to hit a new personal record? How about achieve a squat like you did in your prime? No matter the reason I am here to help! I can write you a program that will be specific for each of your needs and will help you hit reasonable goals. Below are the starting prices for each program and what the program can include. I also offer a monthly membership where I offer members access to exclusive training and diet tips and a section to allow you to post questions for me to answer.


$5.99/30 days – Membership

$60.00/365 days – Membership

$100.00/Lifetime – Membership


Starting at $59.99 –  Single Block Programs

Starting at $100.00 – Multi Buy Programs

Starting at $139.99 – Three Month Programs

$$$ – Custom Programs

Programs can include:

  • Sports Specific
  • Bodybuilding
  • Power Lifting
  • Basic Olympic Lifting
  • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Diet Tips

Membership Area: This area includes helpful forum posts that are unlocked with a membership, a section where you are able to post your own videos (I recommend uploading on YouTube) and most importantly a members only section where you are able to post and chat live on my website! More information to come.

Programs: You will receive a confirmation email once you have purchased the program. Once I have completed the program(s) you will be sent another email that will contain the link to be able to download. The programs will come as .PDF and you are able to print your program and do as you wish. For support I suggest purchasing a monthly membership to ensure success.

Why pick me? I have been training sports specific for over 10 years! I have made it to one of the highest levels of competition for Football in Canada. I have a lot of experience training and I will be continuing to grow in the fitness industry as I educate more and more.