Track Profile

2017 I am still alive! I have been busy with school and getting back into work and training but I will try to post every now and then. I had some time today and did some random google searches and ended up stumbling across my old Track N Field profile

Damon Morgan:


And following that link I stumbled across this

Assumption School Records:


I have both times that I ran in grade 9 and grade 11 and it turns out I have the 2nd overall fastest time for 100m and 200m which is awesome!

1st Blog post

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! This is my first post and hopefully there will be more to come as I am finally motivated enough to get this website off the ground! I will be creating a section for my fitness clients and visitors who are interested in purchasing coaching from me and I will also be running a work blog with a main focus on Fitness and a secondary life blog which will mainly focus gaming and other interests! I am very excited to start running a website and hopefully traffic will pick up!

Here is my Halo 5 Montage that I was going to edit but lost interest in the game and editing in general.