Damon Morgan born in Hamilton Ontario, a student in college and an ex college football player. I have been involved with sports all my life and it is something I am very passionate about. I am a certified personal trainer as of June, 2016 with Can-FIT Pro. I now focus on teaching and giving my knowledge to those who are looking to take their training beyond what they thought they could. I can write an efficient and effective 4 week block program that will utilize exercises that I believe will help achieve your goals. The programs are 100% unique and individualized for each client and their specific needs. With my athletic ability comes my nerdy passion with Computers. I have been working with computers since I can remember, and I am currently studying Network Engineering in college. I have expanded my knowledge over the years by self teaching myself Web development and I have also taken HTML & CSS classes. I have watched countless hours of tutorials and read hundreds of websites and believe I can offer a great service for your upcoming project. Please visit my work page to see some of my completed jobs.