IM SICK ! Program updates + YOGA

I have been sick since Sunday and this has affected my program. I was currently finishing up my 4 week Endurance program but unfortunately I was setback 3 days to recover (hopefully I feel better tomorrow) But due to this I had to end my endurance program on the deload week which I just took the 3 days off to rest. I have created a new program that I will be following Monday which I am excited for and I just want to rest so I can continue to get results. I will be lifting 3 times a week, doing yoga 3 times a week (alt days) and once my Shoulderok comes in I cannot wait to incorporate that into my training! So I ended up doing Yoga today since I have not really felt the best.

I started my first day of Yoga with a focus on hips. Since I can remember from Football I haave always had super tight hips that affect my performance so it is one thing I would like to really improve! It was a very good session a lot of the stuff I could do but I had to do at my own pace and I was not able to fully complete each pose (because I am so tight) but with practice I will get better!