Mediterranean Diet

So I will be starting a proper diet in 2017 to maximize my potential. I have been pretty consistent with my diet where I aim to eat 80% clean per day however it is only getting me 80% results. I have no excuse and nothing but time so I am going to be focusing on eating the best that I can. This diet includes a LOT of vegetables and fruit, with some meat and beans! Only grain will be Oatmeal and I will be including a smoothie for the 1st time in awhile which I am excited to make!

Meal 1: Oatmeal w/ Protein powder and Asparagus

Meal 2: 5 eggs (2 whole and 3 egg whites) with red peppers

Meal 3: Smoothie (Consists of Cherries, blueberries, apricot, kiwi, and pomegranate) with couple handfuls of Almonds

Meal 4: Meat (Chicken breast, tuna, salmon, ground chicken, or ground turkey) with serving of beans (kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils) and broccoli

Meal 5: Another meat with another serving of beans and broccoli

Total Macros: ~2500 calories 160-185g protein (rest day-training day) ~300g carbs and < 100g fats




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Week 3 + Site Updates

Just started Week 3 where I completed my Day 1 workout and today will be a Yoga/stretch day off for recovery to get ready for Day 2 tomorrow! Since Christmas break is here I am going to be working on a bunch of projects to get this site growing. Some updates will include:

  • New workout program template
  • Improved about me
  • Improved work page
  • Forums will be opened soon
  • More content

Stay tuned!

EXAMS ARE OVER! + End of Week 2

Finally glad to be finished with exams, they really affected my schedule and most importantly my lifts due to the added stress. I will be finishing Day 3 tomorrow and hope to have a  good effort with 225×10 for 4 sets. Yoga this week has been wonderful and continues to help me feel better! My shoulderok has been delayed which is terrible since I was hoping to start using it for my shoulders but I just have to be patient. Starting Week 3 I will create some website updates and hopefully post more.

End of Week 1 + EXAM Delays

As this week is coming to an end I will be entering Exam week which will mean I probably will not post as often (this week I slacked too) due to cramming and probably will take a bunch of naps however the program will be entering week 2. I will hopefully keep my mind completely focused on school and completing this program as best as I can! I missed one day of Yoga however after completing the yoga today I am entering week 2 feeling great! (Honestly not gonna lie my legs are destroyed from yesterday but I will be ok for Monday)

New program + Day 1

I have started my new program where I look to include some Hypertrophy training instead of just focusing on strength gains. I can still increase strength with this program however I am also looking to build some solid muscle! I have my 3 main lifts @ 65%-75% of 1RM for 4 sets of 10 reps. Day 1 was deadlifts and I was repping out 225lbs with some difficulty at the end (still getting over the sickness) but overall was a great workout! I then include some secondary lifts which I had some Front Squats, glute hamstring curl/raises and some biceps to finish off. Now I have a rest day that includes some well deserved Yoga and I will look to train some Bench press on my next workout day!

IM SICK ! Program updates + YOGA

I have been sick since Sunday and this has affected my program. I was currently finishing up my 4 week Endurance program but unfortunately I was setback 3 days to recover (hopefully I feel better tomorrow) But due to this I had to end my endurance program on the deload week which I just took the 3 days off to rest. I have created a new program that I will be following Monday which I am excited for and I just want to rest so I can continue to get results. I will be lifting 3 times a week, doing yoga 3 times a week (alt days) and once my Shoulderok comes in I cannot wait to incorporate that into my training! So I ended up doing Yoga today since I have not really felt the best.

I started my first day of Yoga with a focus on hips. Since I can remember from Football I haave always had super tight hips that affect my performance so it is one thing I would like to really improve! It was a very good session a lot of the stuff I could do but I had to do at my own pace and I was not able to fully complete each pose (because I am so tight) but with practice I will get better!