Yoga and Update

Almost completed my 3rd week of my Endurance phase where I am still progressing for strength gains but my focus is to be able to last during any intense training session. My recovery is getting better but this week peaked for the weight and I am just defeated. My hips are my enemy and now I have came to the conclusion that I cannot live like this anymore and continue to train with the lack of flexibility. So I am now practicing some at home amateur Yoga. 

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Increase strength by integrating yoga!

1st Blog post

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! This is my first post and hopefully there will be more to come as I am finally motivated enough to get this website off the ground! I will be creating a section for my fitness clients and visitors who are interested in purchasing coaching from me and I will also be running a work blog with a main focus on Fitness and a secondary life blog which will mainly focus gaming and other interests! I am very excited to start running a website and hopefully traffic will pick up!

Here is my Halo 5 Montage that I was going to edit but lost interest in the game and editing in general.