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2017 I am still alive! I have been busy with school and getting back into work and training but I will try to post every now and then. I had some time today and did some random google searches and ended up stumbling across my old Track N Field profile

Damon Morgan:


And following that link I stumbled across this

Assumption School Records:


I have both times that I ran in grade 9 and grade 11 and it turns out I have the 2nd overall fastest time for 100m and 200m which is awesome!

Mediterranean Diet

So I will be starting a proper diet in 2017 to maximize my potential. I have been pretty consistent with my diet where I aim to eat 80% clean per day however it is only getting me 80% results. I have no excuse and nothing but time so I am going to be focusing on eating the best that I can. This diet includes a LOT of vegetables and fruit, with some meat and beans! Only grain will be Oatmeal and I will be including a smoothie for the 1st time in awhile which I am excited to make!

Meal 1: Oatmeal w/ Protein powder and Asparagus

Meal 2: 5 eggs (2 whole and 3 egg whites) with red peppers

Meal 3: Smoothie (Consists of Cherries, blueberries, apricot, kiwi, and pomegranate) with couple handfuls of Almonds

Meal 4: Meat (Chicken breast, tuna, salmon, ground chicken, or ground turkey) with serving of beans (kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils) and broccoli

Meal 5: Another meat with another serving of beans and broccoli

Total Macros: ~2500 calories 160-185g protein (rest day-training day) ~300g carbs and < 100g fats




Read more here:,,20793870,00.html

Week 3 + Site Updates

Just started Week 3 where I completed my Day 1 workout and today will be a Yoga/stretch day off for recovery to get ready for Day 2 tomorrow! Since Christmas break is here I am going to be working on a bunch of projects to get this site growing. Some updates will include:

  • New workout program template
  • Improved about me
  • Improved work page
  • Forums will be opened soon
  • More content

Stay tuned!

EXAMS ARE OVER! + End of Week 2

Finally glad to be finished with exams, they really affected my schedule and most importantly my lifts due to the added stress. I will be finishing Day 3 tomorrow and hope to have a  good effort with 225×10 for 4 sets. Yoga this week has been wonderful and continues to help me feel better! My shoulderok has been delayed which is terrible since I was hoping to start using it for my shoulders but I just have to be patient. Starting Week 3 I will create some website updates and hopefully post more.

End of Week 1 + EXAM Delays

As this week is coming to an end I will be entering Exam week which will mean I probably will not post as often (this week I slacked too) due to cramming and probably will take a bunch of naps however the program will be entering week 2. I will hopefully keep my mind completely focused on school and completing this program as best as I can! I missed one day of Yoga however after completing the yoga today I am entering week 2 feeling great! (Honestly not gonna lie my legs are destroyed from yesterday but I will be ok for Monday)

New program + Day 1

I have started my new program where I look to include some Hypertrophy training instead of just focusing on strength gains. I can still increase strength with this program however I am also looking to build some solid muscle! I have my 3 main lifts @ 65%-75% of 1RM for 4 sets of 10 reps. Day 1 was deadlifts and I was repping out 225lbs with some difficulty at the end (still getting over the sickness) but overall was a great workout! I then include some secondary lifts which I had some Front Squats, glute hamstring curl/raises and some biceps to finish off. Now I have a rest day that includes some well deserved Yoga and I will look to train some Bench press on my next workout day!

IM SICK ! Program updates + YOGA

I have been sick since Sunday and this has affected my program. I was currently finishing up my 4 week Endurance program but unfortunately I was setback 3 days to recover (hopefully I feel better tomorrow) But due to this I had to end my endurance program on the deload week which I just took the 3 days off to rest. I have created a new program that I will be following Monday which I am excited for and I just want to rest so I can continue to get results. I will be lifting 3 times a week, doing yoga 3 times a week (alt days) and once my Shoulderok comes in I cannot wait to incorporate that into my training! So I ended up doing Yoga today since I have not really felt the best.

I started my first day of Yoga with a focus on hips. Since I can remember from Football I haave always had super tight hips that affect my performance so it is one thing I would like to really improve! It was a very good session a lot of the stuff I could do but I had to do at my own pace and I was not able to fully complete each pose (because I am so tight) but with practice I will get better!

Yoga and Update

Almost completed my 3rd week of my Endurance phase where I am still progressing for strength gains but my focus is to be able to last during any intense training session. My recovery is getting better but this week peaked for the weight and I am just defeated. My hips are my enemy and now I have came to the conclusion that I cannot live like this anymore and continue to train with the lack of flexibility. So I am now practicing some at home amateur Yoga. 

Click the article link below to read more 
Increase strength by integrating yoga!

1st Blog post

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! This is my first post and hopefully there will be more to come as I am finally motivated enough to get this website off the ground! I will be creating a section for my fitness clients and visitors who are interested in purchasing coaching from me and I will also be running a work blog with a main focus on Fitness and a secondary life blog which will mainly focus gaming and other interests! I am very excited to start running a website and hopefully traffic will pick up!

Here is my Halo 5 Montage that I was going to edit but lost interest in the game and editing in general.